DIY Nursing Bra

DIY Nursing Bra

DIY Nursing Bra

Step by step instructions to convert any regular bra (or tank top) into a nursing top!


What you will need: bra/tank top, a pair of nursing bra clips, 20-22″ of elastic (clips and elastic is provided in each conversion kit  (here), scissors, pins (I use wonder clips with Fabri-Tac glue), a sewing machine…and 10-20 mins of free time!

If ordering just the clips (here), not the conversion kits, you will want to find your own elastic that will fit the lower nursing clip loop.


Suitable tops to convert can be cup bras, sports bras, loungers, tank tops with shelf bra liners and even swim suits.  Please note that a front adjusting shoulder strap is NOT going to work.  If there is a slider and ring adjust, it needs to be on the back, so nursing clips can be placed on the front!


Choosing your bras: it is recommended to choose bra sizes after nursing is established.  NOTE that underwire should be chosen carefully when nursing, as wires can dig in and cause plugged ducts.  **Measure your bra strap and order the correct size and color**

DIY Nursing Bra Steps  DIY Nursing Bra Step 1








Step 1: Starting on one side, cut the shoulder strap 3/4″ above the cup.

DIY Nursing Bra Step 3  DIY Nursing Bra Step 3








Step 2: Take one set of clips (paired together) and pin into position.  ~OR~ A small dab of Fabri-Tac glue then clips to set it into place, also works great!  After a minute, clips can be removed for easy stitching.

DIY Nursing Bra Step 2  DIY Nursing Bra Step 2








Step 3: Stitch clips into place.  A second row of stitching at each point can add extra security.  Trimming extra elastic and threads as you go.

DIY Nursing Bra Step 3  DIY Nursing Bra Step 3








Step 4: Using one half of the elastic (approx 10-11″) from conversion kit, loop through lower opening of upper clip (unclipped postion.)  Pin or clip into place, keeping satin side up (plush side against skin.)


Step 5: Close the clip and turn bra inside out.  Pin elastic to the desired place at base of bra. Elastic should lay flat, yet unstretched.  Pin.

DIY Nursing Bra Step 5  DIY Nursing Bra Step 5








Step 6: Stitch into place, both top and bottom.

DIY Nursing Bra Step 6  DIY Nursing Bra Step 6








Repeat steps 1-6 to complete other side.


Enjoy each moment with your little one(s) and this easy way to upgrade your nursing wardrobe.  These clips are high quality, and one hand use for ease of feedings!

DIY Nursing Bra













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