2 yards cuts per print on all ribbon and elastic please.  This site has no minimum quantity required, however, please understand that 1 yard cuts are high work load for return.  To avoid extra costs in the future, we hope that everyone can understand this when ordering.  Orders with 1 yards cuts, may result in cancellation.  At the very least, orders will take an extra business day to process, due to extra work required.


  • Understanding Currency Rates

    As a Canadian small business, our prices are set in Canadian Dollars.  What that means for you the customer, depends on your country.  Canadian customers will pay what they see, with no surprise charges at the checkout!  USA customers will pay approx 25-30% LESS then the costs they see.


    Paypal will accept funds in Canadian funds for our business, but only charges you according to your currency.  USA customers will find this huge 25-30% SAVINGS once their payment is processed, and they view their Paypal or credit card charges.  United States customers, enjoy this savings!  CAD set on our website, will always show higher then what you will pay with the conversions.


  • How Do I Edit My Cart?

    All cart edits can be done under “CART.”  Once on “CHECKOUT” page, you must return to “CART” to update quantity or delete any existing items.


  • I Don’t Have A Paypal Account

    All major credit cards are accepted via Paypal, without needing to be a Paypal member!  You will be guided through the steps to pay with credit cards.  Our checkout takes customers securely to PayPal’s Site, where payment is processed.


  • Can I Pay Ribbons & Supplies By Direct Deposit?

    Yes we do accept direct deposit.  Please contact us on the details for customers who wish to pay this way.


  • I Need More Then What Is “In Stock”

    Please contact us for an up to date stock check.  We will do our best to meet your needs.


  • Do You Have A Tracking Number For My Order?

    Tracking is an upgrade offered at the checkout.  Please note that the lowest shipping rates do not come with tracking, but have been extremely reliable and fast for years with Canada Post.  Tracking is not recommended, but available.


  • I Need To Edit My Address.  I Forgot My Password.

    Address updates and password changes/lost can be accessed by clicking on “MY ACCOUNT.”


  • Has My Order Shipped?

    Our system sends an email to every customer, on the day your order ships.  Please take note of this email, for future reference.


  • Any Questions Not Answered?

    Please contact us!  We will be sure to answer your questions within 12-24 hours.